About Us

21st Century Leasing® provides a critical service by helping companies access capital sources through lease financing and other non-bank programs. The U.S. Department of Commerce estimated that for 2000, $ 220 billion dollars was invested in leasing equipment rather than purchasing equipment. Lease financing is used to acquire just about anything, including most types of equipment, furniture, telephone systems, computers, software, website development, heavy equipment, titled vehicles, etc. Our lease programs benefit many industries including construction, medical, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail, franchise, professional services, federal, state and local government agencies to name a few.

21st Century Leasing® is a full service leasing company and performs many functions in a lease transaction. These services include locating the business (lessee) wishing to expand by acquiring equipment and conserving operating capital. Working with the equipment manufacturer or dealer in matters related to ordering, delivery, and payment. Securing debt financing for the lessor to use in purchasing the equipment. Locating the ultimate funding source or equity participant in the lease transaction. As a full service lease provider, 21st Century Leasing® structures the transaction based on all the transaction variables, investigates credit, prepares lease documents, collects advance rental payments, any security deposits and verifies collateral for assignment or discount. 21st Century Leasing® remains your “one-stop-shop” of unlimited capital sources.

21st Century Leasing® is a member in good standing with the National Association of Equipment Lease Brokers (NAELB), adhering to the NAELB Standards of Professional Practice. In addition, 21st Century Leasing® is an active member in the San Diego Better Business Bureau’s national BBBonline program, as well as other business, community, and trade organizations.

21st Century Leasing®’s commitment to client and vendor satisfaction is essential to the success of our overall business plan. 21st Century Leasing® is a wholly owned subsidiary of RPC Financial Services, Inc., a California corporation in good standing. 21st Century Leasing® is a registered U.S. trademark.