Don’t Sign That Lease Yet

You’re being transferred to a new city in another state for a position that you start in exactly two weeks. You fly to your new hometown to select an apartment. You have exactly two days to make a decision and sign a lease, so when, after much searching, you find a vacancy in a relatively decent property, you’re anxious to sign when the lease is placed in front of you. Resist the urge. As mentioned in previously in our report “Avoiding Tenants’ Tribulations,” wearing rose-colored glasses can easily fool you into believing that your best interests as a tenant will be protected. Your desire to find a home and wind up what can be an exhaustive search process can push you into signing on the dotted line before you’ve read and understand all of the fine print of your lease.

What’s the purpose o...

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Understanding Your Lease

Leasing agents working on behalf of multifamily housing developers are so accustomed to signing deals with veteran renters these days that when it comes time to sign the lease, you’re often just directed to the line that waits for your signature. After all, who wants to read all of that fine print? You’ve been through the process before. Do you really have to take out your magnifying glass and analyze the text line by line?

Sorry, folks. Yes, you do. Just because you’ve signed a lease before doesn’t mean that they’re all alike. You owe it to yourself to look out for your best interests. So take that lease home and read it before you sign it. And don’t give in to high-pressure tactics that the apartment “will be gone tomorrow” if you don’t sign on the dotted line now...

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The Benefits Of Contract Hire And Leasing Vehicles

A great advantage of car leasing is the potential to enable people to drive the cars they want, but can’t necessarily afford to buy outright. This alone makes it a very attractive purchasing method for many individuals and start-up businesses wanting to make a positive, professional impression by driving an executive vehicle. Contract hiring also allows people to easily change their cars more frequently than through traditional buying and selling. This means that as well as being able to upgrade as your circumstances or preferences change, it’s also possible to never drive a car that’s more than 3 years old so you can benefit from having the manufacturer’s warranty to cover maintenance costs and never have the inconvenience or expense of needing to take the car for an MOT.

Off Balance Shee...

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New Online Contract Hire and Leasing Portal For Personal and Business Drivers

A new portal for the contract hire and leasing industry is celebrating after receiving a warm welcome from customers and users alike. is attracting new viewers to its site every day, giving both the personal and business car users, the opportunity to source a new car at the most cost effective rates in the marketplace. has useful features including a quick search, an advanced search, continuously updating deals on the homepage, popular car types, find a contract hire company tool, RSS feeds, email updates and a banner advertising program...

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Leasing After A Bankruptcy; Obtaining A Bankruptcy Auto Loan Does Not Have To Be Difficult

I’ve always chuckled at the reactions I receive when people ask about bankruptcy auto loans, and I suggest they be open to leasing. The looks I get are a cross between “are you kidding?” and “what did you just call me?”

Leasing has undergone a change in popularity since its inception. In the beginning, everyone purchased cars outright…they could do this because a) buying a car on time was not an option, b) because cars cost much less then than they do now.

As options were added to cars, such as color, 2-doors or 4-doors, 5-speed or automatic, am radio or 8-track (oh, am I dating myself here?), vehicle prices begin increasing...

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Learn How Changing Your Lease Structure Will Increase Your Profits

Commercial properties are characterized through income generated by rents paid by tenants. These commercial properties can be apartment complexes, office buildings, strip malls, retail centers and medical buildings.

The more income a commercial property can produce, the more valuable it is. The true qualifying factor is the net operating income, or NOI, which is income minus operating expenses. Operating expenses include any expense that relates to the actual operations of the property. These can include taxes, utilities, maintenance and management costs.

Many savvy commercial property owners and investors have begun to restructure their leasing agreements with their tenants...

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Increase Your Business Growth And Cash Flow Through Equipment Leasing

“If it can be manufactured, it can be leased.” For the past decade or so, this statement has become more and more true to fact. From computer software to commercial aircraft, equipment leases are utilized day in and day out in a constantly changing and highly aggressive business environment worldwide. To gain or to keep the edge over their competitors, companies of every type and size are constantly looking for creative ways to conserve working capital while expanding operations. Many have turned to leasing their equipment to help in the effort. For this reason, the leasing industry is being defined as a major player in equipment financing today.

So, why should you join these businesses in choosing to lease? Well, one key factor is that the commencement of a lease can be done with very lit...

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Financial Benefits Of Vehicle Leasing

A lease purchase is a written hire purchase agreement affording you with the same protections given by the consumer credit act. If you feel the vehicle is worth less than the guaranteed minimum future value (GMFV) determined at the start of the lease, you can decline the option to buy the car and simply return it at the end of the rental period. If the GMFV is more than was estimated, you pay the outstanding pre-agreed final payment and if you wish, can part exchange the car — now under your ownership — and recoup the profit in the difference above the GMFV. Keeping the car in excellent condition and below the pre-agreed mileage, will benefit it’s future value as this is determined by the level of wear and tear of a vehicle given it’s age and mileage.

A great advantage of car leasing is th...

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Everything You Need To Know About Construction Equipment Leasing…And How To Get It!

As a decision-maker in the construction industry, weighing all equipment acquisition options is a critical aspect of the job – especially given today’s fluid marketplace.

With construction equipment leasing you don’t have to worry about the overhead of the purchase while keeping your cash accessible. No matter how big or small your project you can always find leasing options from the financial institutions who specialise in this type of product. Plus, payments you make under an operating lease are tax deductible.

65% of the top businesses lease equipment, according to an ELA survey. The top reasons these businesses cite for leasing include consistent expenses in budget management, increased cash flow, and the ability to have the latest equipment.

As businesses prepare to compete and gro...

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Equipment Leasing Or Purchase? – A Common Problem

For many businesses today the question of whether to buy or lease equipment is not an easy question to answer. Businesses with older management teams tend to follow a traditional line and steer clear of what they see as ‘getting into debt’, preferring to wait until they have sufficient funds in the bank to allow for the purchase of equipment. Businesses with younger management teams, who have grown up in a world where credit is part of everyday life and waiting for anything is simply unheard of, will readily embrace equipment leasing in preference to purchase. So who is right?

As with most things in life, there is of course no ‘black or white’ answer to this question, but here are a few things which businesses should consider when looking at acquiring new equipment.

Do you need the equipme...

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What Is Equipment Leasing?

Leasing is something which was originally done with only properties. But now, leasing is available for most other things as well. Equipment leasing, an important type of leasing, has come a long way, and now refers to leasing of equipment for almost every industry. Therefore, if we wish to use a piece of equipment, but don’t have the money required for purchasing, then leasing becomes the next best option.

So when does a company or individual lease an equipment? A company or an individual needs equipment leasing when it does not have the needed money to buy the required equipment. Plus, the process of equipment leasing is pretty hassle-free.

The owner simply purchases the equipment with a loan, and then leases it out to companies for a fixed monthly fee...

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The Business Day (Lease Purchase or Otherwise)

For those of you conducting a lease purchase business (or any other business), the first thing for you to do each morning is to check your goals. How many calls are you to make, how many contacts, articles, etc. Your goals will depend on where you are in your business – just starting, in business for a year, two years, etc.

The next thing to do for those in lease purchasing or any other business is to check your calendar for the day, and to check your tickler file. Depending on what is on your calendar and in your tickler file will determine what else you will be doing for the day. Let’s assume you don’t have any appointments scheduled. Your tickler file is empty, other than for your To Do list.

Next you check any email you have received and answer it...

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